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I'm definitely not proclaiming myself as an engineer, but I did make a cool app! I had to repeatedly redo some of my first attempts since I wanted to be clear and to the point, but I eventually got a handle of my notes and it worked out.

Thanks to Steph and everyone else for all the support, and students of this course will enjoy a continuous rollout of new lessons!

It seems the two had way too much fun playing dress-up, even post-Halloween.

However, there are no known mt DNA test-takers in her direct maternal line.Their knowledge is encyclopaedic but more than that they were both very warm lads with a great sense of humour.We were out with them for 8.5 hours from when they picked us up from our hotel until when they dropped us back and the time flew by. If you do I pretty much guarantee that you will recommend it to everyone else. It’s Spanish and all you have to do is put a bunch of things in a blender. That, to me, is the most refreshing and yummy thing. I love cocktails, so I’ve started to experiment with them and copy some of my favorite restaurants’ drinks; one of them is a whiskey and champagne cocktail that I really like with some bitters and ginger. What should guys avoid when setting the mood for dinner—Maybe a certain type of music? Okay, you have to tell me at least one of the tips they gave you before we end this. Well, always put the top of your mouth on the burger instead of the bottom. You can get a rotisserie chicken and dip that in it or make sandwiches and that’s a pretty simple one. [Laughs.] It’s funny, for someone who loves food, that I don’t have more of an interest in making it, but I guess I just don’t have the patience. If you’re turning my dinner party into a rave, that’s probably not a good sign for the relationship.

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Just because we might want our code to be an open source project to share with others doesn't mean we don't have secrets.

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