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Scammers can also use generic images found online as their profile pictures, another aspect that can be uncovered in a search.

If you do become a victim, both police and anti-fraud agencies said to not be too embarrassed to report it.

"If the person starts talking about money issues inappropriately early in the relationship, I think that should be an indicator perhaps this person’s motives aren't what yours are." ).

That way, you can tip yourself off if someone has come across that person or group before.

Once it’s gone, money can be extremely hard to get back, according to Staff Sgt.

Stephanie Burns of the Ottawa police anti-fraud section.

While that man eventually went to jail, the victim's money was gone for good.

The anti-fraud centre said 269 Ontarians have reported online dating fraud so far this year, with 177 losing some money.

Vancouver women topped the list as the least likely to respond to men’s online messages, followed by Montreal and Ottawa."The computer is a wonderful place for people to hide, so it's very difficult for us to do the investigation if funds are sent out of the country," she said. it becomes extremely hard for us to get the correct documentation." The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre said Canadians lost million to online dating fraud in 2012.Over the last three years, they said Canadians have lost more money to these scams than any other kind of fraud, despite the number of victims barely registering in the top 10 when compared to other kinds.That means 92 people caught on to the fraud before they lost anything.In Quebec, 471 people have reported such fraud in 2013 — 319 of who were victims.

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shows as much as a third of Americans married since 2005 had met online.

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